A Home On The Range

10,000 BC is the age of adventure, with much of the world containing very small populations of people. This mythic Earth ushers in a fantasy Earth setting based on the Golden Age of Sword & Sorcery. Barbarians, primitives, priests and monsters plot in a dangerous and violent world of strange creatures and ancient mystery.

This Saga is designed to be a starting point to begin the Zar’Grim Saga. this is a Sand Box Saga, where the GM has a set of tools to run a game of 4 sessions or more where player characters establish their Home Stead. 

After escaping from the Slavers, the characters meet a noble from the city of Zar’Grim who wants them establish a homestead in the wilds north west of Zar’Grim, will the characters make peace with the local Picts, will they survive the monsters, and what sinister plots await, perhaps a cult trying to discover a lost world.

To play this Saga you only need the core Beyond the Black Sea rule book as everything else is provided. Pre-generated characters can be downloaded from www.darkstarsuniverse.com or www.drivethrurpg.com

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