Champions of Autumn Forest: NPCs and Unicorns


Hidden deep within the Autumn Forest of Arborea live a group of ancient plane-crossing unicorns. Together with their heroic allies, they have a singular mission – to answer the cries of help that come from pure-hearted children of elven blood.

Meet the Champions of Autumn Forest

It was to the noble unicorns that Angharradh of the Seldarine gifted the magical Autumn Forest. Deep in the realm of Arvandor, the Forest is in complete contrast to the wild and reckless Outer Plane that surrounds it; a calm and gentle sanctuary.

It is a place of joy, of playfulness and whimsey for the fey creatures, beasts, and children of elven blood who, alongside the unicorns, call it ‘home’.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the spontaneous games and colorful celebrations are signs of laziness and indolence, however – for when a pure-hearted child of elven blood cries for help, their pleas can be heard here in the Autumn Forest, reaching out from across the planes.

The unicorns and their allies, the Champions of Autumn Forest, stand ever-prepared to respond at a moment’s notice, no matter the distance that separates them from their duty.

The Champions of the Autumn Forest Supplement

This supplement provides an initial introduction to the Champions of the Autumn Forest. It provides a brief overview at the background and the aesthetics of the Champions. There are also stats for key humanoid and unicorn Champions that you can introduce as NPCs to your game, plus lair actions for when they are encountered in the Autumn Forest.

While the supplement assumes that you are playing in the Forgotten Realms, everything within is easily adaptable to other settings with Outer Planes or demiplanes.

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