Forgotten Mythos

Forgotten Mythos provides FIVE brand new and exciting subclasses for your fifth edition game.
Meet the:

HorolomechanistAn artificer specialization that allows the player to craft and create clockwork friends.
College of DramaturgyA bard college that allows the player to summon the two enchanted masks of Thalia and Melpomene to aid their friends and pester their enemies.
Oath of the Spectral AllianceA paladin’s sacred oath to the forces of the Ethereal Plane. Summon spectral weapons and companions to turn the tide of battle.
The Umbral HunterA roguish archetype that allows the player to see shadows as a mode of transportation. Enter the Shadowfell and traverse the battlefield through the darkened spaces that abound.
Pact of the ConduitMake a pact with a lord of the Far Realm. The Uvuudaum masters are alien and twisted. Take command of their power to summon horrifying creatures from reaches unknown.

This module also includes new monsters and spells to spice up your next game.

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