Gimrig’s Gastronomicon – A Resource for Food, Drink, and Foraging

As the adventuring party settles in for the evening, they all begin to feed their horses and build a small campfire. The gnome druid sets up an iron tripod and heads to the nearby ravine to fill a small cast metal pot. The ranger grabs her bow and quiver and wanders off deeper into the forest. She cuts a variety of mushrooms off a mossy tree trunk when she spots a fawn in the distance. She continues forward, knocking an arrow to the longbow gifted by her grandfather. Silent as the setting sun, she takes aim.

This resource is designed to help game masters develop more detailed offerings for food and drink in their fantasy world. It features lots of descriptions of the way food and drink differs in a medieval setting from the present day.

The highlight of the book is the 21 unique tables for when your party wants to forage foods on their long travels in the wilderness. On a successful survival check, a character can find various fruits, herbs, and small animals to cook back at camp.

With the right rolls, the forager triggers a simple hunt mechanic to find larger game to harvest for food. This is supplemented by a table of random mushrooms including ones with poisonous and magical effects.

It also features dozens of tables describing the various produce, herbs, spices, and wildlife you might encounter in differing climates and terrain types. Should your party want to set up a deal with a local butcher to sell their felled beasts for meat and hide, this resource has optional rules for determining the value of your slain monsters.

Lastly, if you want to develop the agriculture around your cities to develop diversity and detail in your campaigns, this resource has lots of guides for building distinct cultures for eating and drinking.

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