The Knife

Complete game rules and setting in 20 pages, using a 2d6-roll-over game engine that is compatible with Tunnel Goons and Troika! (this product is not affiliated with Melsonian Arts Council). Including new rules for bonecarving and surgery, commerce and currency, contriving and operating mechanical marvels, distilling and consuming herbal elixirs and alchemic essences. Compatible with Goon Squad for larger combats.

Game includes:

  • Setting
  • Making a sharp
  • Taking action
  • Fearless fighting
  • Running out of stuff
  • Currency and commerce
  • Bonecarving and medical treatment
  • Clever contraptions
  • Extraordinary elixirs, salves, and essences
  • Honing your sharp
  • People, places, things, and actions of Thelav
  • Weather in Thelav
  • Seventy-two contraptions
  • Four hundred thirty-two plots
  • Two hundred sixteen more citizens
  • Four hundred thirty-two more locations

Keep both eyes open for the edges of The Knife.

In the decadent and diminishing royal city of Thelav, called The Knife, the locals call themselves sharps and act that way. Extreme wealth contrasts with scarcity, from the royal environs to the slums and from the fish-teeming sea and verdant farms to the dusty highlands. Aristocratic intrigues ensnare the least of citizens as pawns; sometimes the pawns become barons.

Your sharp will find their way amid the tumult of the streets, maybe out into the placid lands surrounding Thelav, maybe further up into the highlands where the ancient ruins stand.

Additional pages for the farmlands, the ruins, favors asked and owed, and other intrigues of Thelav will be forthcoming within the next month.

This product is priced at $4.00


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