The Lycanthrope

Distant howls can be heard in the early morning hours as a full moon hangs in the sky. The whole forest stays still and quiet. A pack of werewolves is on the hunt. A lone traveler on horseback is rushing back to the relative safety of the village before he meets a grizzly demise.

A wererat counts his gold in his sewer den. His rat companions scurry through the winding pipes up into the streets of a sprawling metropolis. They infiltrate the homes of nobles and lords stealing precious heirlooms, gems, and gold hording them pack down to their wererat master.

A tall grey fin circles the wreck of a merchant vessel as its sailors cling to debris from the hull after a tropical storm. One by one the sailors are pulled beneath the waves and the water becomes a deeper and deeper shade of crimson as their blood permeates through the water. A wereshark is feeding.

A human male lays in bed convulsing, as his body is desperately fighting the curse within him. He has prepared himself as he does every night by having his two sons blind fold and bind him to his bed. In his locked room his thrashing causes his blind fold to slip from his face and his eyes lock with a golden moon in the night sky. His transformation begins.

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