1400 BELOW

1400 Below is lo-fi hi-fantasy dungeon crawl. Labyrinthine caverns connect lost cities and antediluvian tombs filled with monsters and madness, but most importantly, hidden and unremembered treasures. Plunge into perilous hollows, traverse long forgotten mines, or fight for your life in trapped sanctums as you explore the world below.

1400 Below is a stand-alone table-top RPG. The rules are short and easy to learn and the whole game can fit on a single sheet of paper. It can be played using just the rules provided, or combined with 1400 Quest to expand the world and provide more character and game options .

The main rules and character creation fit on one page with two more pages containing character details, mundane and magical items, spells, as well as tables to help the DM populate the world with powerful NPCs, fantastic dungeon locations, and craft dangerous monsters.

This product is priced at $2.99


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