Backyard Burglars


Of Mice and Trash, Six Setting Friendly Animal Races!

Looking for setting friendly animal races to place into your game world? Does the idea of playing as a race of animal-folk based on not one, but six kinds of critters you’d find in your garbage at 2AM sound fun? Want to play a race that can bite, claw, scratch, scrape, steal and even stink up in a fight?

…Wanna be the Trash Man?

Then Backyard Burglars might just be what you’re looking for!


Along with the base race this PDF also includes:

  6 new playable anthropomorphic races based off the following animals;

Rats (The Gnaw) / Mice (The Mouseling) / Raccoons (The Rosvo) / Possums (The Pawsm) / Foxes (The Vulpe) / Skunks (The Mephen)