Circle of the Strange

A Feytouched Druid Circle for the greatest roleplaying game in the world!

Druids that wander the Feywild often avoid the Fey Courts. You found yourself trekking deeper into the fantastic wilds, the places where even seasoned seasoned explorers of the Feywild dare not venture. You befriended the wild creatures easily enough, and obeyed the rules that the fey put before you. Eventually, your wandering led you to earn the respect of the primal fey spirits, often nameless, that reside on the murkier outskirts of the Feywild.

You learned to look after these spirits, tending them with offerings and kindness. When you returned to the polite company of the Fey Courts, you had been transformed, marked by these bizarre spirits you now call friends. The fey are not entirely sure what to do with you now, but they give Circle of the Strange druids both a grudging respect and a wide berth.

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