Coach Kruzzlak’s Guide to Athletes

28 Sports-themed class archetypes straight out of the hall of fame

Coach Kruzzlak is at it again! 

Having introduced organized sports to widespread appeal, the orcish sportsmaster has a new goal in mind: inspire the next generation of heroes to be star athletes and team aces. 

These 28 sports-themed archetypes are guaranteed to win the game, on the field or in the dungeon. Many are direct sports stars like the ball-bashing warlock Slugger and nimble rogue Gymnast, while others are canny supporters like the druid of the Circle of Mascots and the bard of the College of Cheerleading. If you can’t win the game with these heroic athletes, then as Coach Kruzzlak would say “YOU’RE PLAYING LIKE A BUNCH OF BUMS!”

In this special guidebook you’ll discover at least two sports archetypes for each class;

ARTIFICER specialist Equipment Manager – gifted gearers who always seem to have what you need on hand

ARTIFICER specialist Strategist – talented tacticians who coordinate allies around the field and devise plans for the team

BARBARIAN Path of the All-Rounder – balanced barbarians who avoid hits and strike with critical precision

BARBARIAN Path of the Instigator – infuriating ingrates who specialize in provoking opponents and inspiring aggression

BARBARIAN Path of the Tackle Tyrant – boisterous brutes who charge, tackle, and hunker down with disciplined brawn

BARD College of Cheerleading – peppy performers whose cheers and talents inspire their teammates 

BARD College of Dressage – elegant equestrians whose graceful mounted movements dazzle, delight, and deal devastating damage

CLERIC Playmaking Domain pious players with a religious devotion to spotting openings and setting up allies for scoring

CLERIC Victory Domain committed clerics who preach about victory and winning while helping to ensure it for their allies

DRUID Circle of Disaster – sly sabotagers who magically manipulate the playing field, literally, using elemental powers

DRUID Circle of Mascots – strange shapeshifters who employ their wild shapes to transform into odd “mascot” monsters to inspire and buff allies

FIGHTER Martial Archetype Pankrator – brutal brawlers who fight barehanded employing a variety of grappling holds

FIGHTER Martial Archetype Powerlifter – brawny battlers who toss heavy objects and lift weights with ease

MONK Way of Hidden Strain sturdy strikers whose toughness and prowess are inspired by water polo

MONK Way of the Foot and Ball – clever kickers who fight without using their hands but with the aid of a special ball they kick

MONK Way of the Jiutero – graceful grapplers who specialize in “the gentle art” of joint locks and masterful grappling

PALADIN Oath of The Captain – courageous commanders who lead their teams to victory by serving as a leader and role model

PALADIN Oath of Sportsmanship – relentless referees who penalize infractors while enforcing “the rules” and fair conduct

RANGER Conclave Long Tracker – spry sprinters who, aside from tracking and running across fields, are experts at hitting and running

RANGER Conclave Trick Rider – rambunctious riders whose unusual mounted tricks leave crowds breathless and foes lifeless

ROGUE Roguish Archetype Gymnast – amazing athletes whose acrobatics and tumbling grace are without peer

ROGUE Roguish Archetype Parkour – agile acrobats who climb and jump with death-defying skill while dealing hits

SORCERER Sorcerous Origin Born To Be Wild (Turkey) – lucky lobbers who fling spells like bowling balls and always “strike” their foes

SORCERER Sorcerous Origin Font of the Swimmer – swimming sorcerers who wield watery powers derived from the elemental plane of water

WARLOCK Otherworldly Patron The Cheater – sneaky spellcasters who use trickery to win by any means thanks to the patronage of a mysterious “Cheater”

WARLOCK Otherworldly Patron The Slugger – savage smiters who wield big clubs and bash balls thanks to the patronage of a legendary celestial athlete

WIZARD Arcane Tradition Country Clubbing – graceful golfers who wield a variety of clubs and insist on fighting at full health

WIZARD Arcane Tradition Physical Education – fitness fanatics who bolster their mental prowess and physical strength in tandem

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