Geomorphic Crypts of the Lich Lord – Set 3

This material was posted on patreon by Dyson Logos

Maybe one day I’ll get back on the project and release a full deck of these, but in the meantime here are the original designs.

Some sections of the crypts are more designed as memorial sites and “museums” to the dead as it were, if nothing else to provide areas between the many crypts and tombs in these ancient understructures.

Other sections are purposefully left rough and nearly natural – with tombs and niches cut into the cavern walls.

These maps were drawn with less of an eye towards a perfect consistent grid than my more recent works. Each card is 7.5 inches wide & 5.5 inches tall, and I’ve resized them to be as close to 300 pixels per square. This makes them 9,000 pixels wide (30 squares). Resizing them for VTT use would mean changing them to 70 pixels per square instead of 300, making them 2,100 pixels wide.


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