Minis Pack 04: Hag you ever really loved a woman?(Hags pack)

We are back with another pack! Here you have a bunch of really mean crones, in all the colors of the mean rainbow! A pack including medium size paper minis for…


Green Hag!


Night Hag!


Sea Hag!


and Bheur Hag!

And a large size mini of a…


Annis Hag!


…with decorative parts!

And like in any of our minis pack, this time we give you one Mistery Minis to discover, funny bootleg characters you can use in your games as you like, maybe as NPCs, enemies or even a player characters! You decide! Be sure to check the instructions archive to know more about this misterious guest!


But that’s not all! For the firsttime in Drunken Goblin Works, we bring you a paper model for a bubbling cauldron, so this ladies have a excuse to meet and chat!

This pack consists on 10 medium size minis, 2 large minis, 2 decorative parts, a paper model kit and bases, both black and coloured, marked or unmarked with arrows for a more precise indication of the facing direction of the character!

This product is priced at $2.75


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