Naval Warfare: Free Stuff

This freeware material consists of the following parts from the Naval Warfare sourcebook.

Free Stuff: Equipment

  • The concept of technological levels introduced to the Dungeon World framework.
  • 10 navigation tools that may be extremely useful for travels, naval and otherwise.
  • Reworked and newly added weapon, armor and shield tags. There are some minor updates to the default tags from the core book, but in general everything is compatible with most popular sourcebooks.
  • 42 weapons for different technological levels, from the Stone Age to the Steam Age.
  • Among these weapons there are firearms with their special mechanics.
  • 15 armors and shields for different ages, compatible with the new weapons.
  • Things are rebalanced to put more emphasis on the reasonable selection of the equipment. While a sword of a contemporary technological level is still a solid choice for generic encounters, certain situations call for more specialized weaponry.
  • 4 miscellaneous items that may be useful in certain situations.

Free Stuff: Coastal Magic

  • Divine Sphere of Water for your Clerics and Magical School of Depths for your Wizards.
  • Both include spells from rote and cantrip to level 9.
  • Fully compatible with the Class Warfare.

You may either print spell lists or go digital, filling interactive pdfs as necessary, whatever you prefer.

Free Stuff: Maritime Compendiums

  • 8 compendiums for your characters who wish to have a job beside bashing skulls.
  • Most of these are about the sea, such as the Captain and the Navigator.
  • Some compendiums, such as the Artillerist and the Shipwright heavily use rules from the full Naval Warfare sourcebook and, well, somewhat useless without that. But hey, free stuff!
  • The Physician compendium can be used in any campaign whatsoever.

You may either print compendium pages for your game or go digital, filling interactive pdfs as necessary, whatever you prefer.

Free Stuff: Denizens of the Sea

  • 7 residents of port cities.
  • 5 common crew members of any ship, including sailors and a cat.
  • 4 petty officers and 3 full ship officers. They may be used as followers or non-player characters in various circumstances, not necessarily connected to maritime travels.
  • 2 law-friendly private seafarers3 pirates and 3 naval officers.
  • 5 normal species of sea fauna and 10 more dire ones.
  • 7 sapient seaborne humanoids that can be either friendly or hostile.
  • Maritime undead, including the Ghost Ship, Sea Ghost and Drowned.
  • 8 monsters of the deep. Two elementals, a leviathan and a dragon, nothing special.
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