Naval Warfare

This book is designed to simulate naval battles and other intense situations associated with ships and seafaring, using rules of the Dungeon World. But even if you play using another system, the book may still be useful to you. Certain rules can be adapted and apart from that, there is quite a lot of useful information on-topic.

Naval Warfare gravitates to the “heavier” and “meatier” gaming style, still remaining in the boundaries of the Dungeon World framework. It might be more interesting to people who prefer to have a large variety of equipment and a plethora of available moves. It is still beneficial for everyone else, including broader themes and concepts besides charts of artillery and lists of weapons.

The book includes:

  • Rules of ships and sailing.
  • 42 ship sheets. Tools to modify these ships and create new ones.
  • Rules of artillery, suitable both for naval and land-based warfare. It is now possible to breach a castle wall.
  • Lots of various artillery weapons and missiles, from ancient ballistae to steel cannons of the Steam Age.
  • Sailing ABC: source material about everything happening at sea, from the sailing using the wind as propulsion to ship hierarchy and typical salaries.
  • Suggestions about why and how to use naval themes in your fantasy games. Story ideas.
  • Worldbuilding tips about everything oceanic.
  • Rules of commerce and trading operations. Buy low, sell high, trade pepper, become rich.
  • The concept of technological levels introduced to the Dungeon World framework.
  • 10 navigation tools that may be extremely useful for travels, naval and otherwise.
  • Reworked and newly added weapon, armor and shield tags. There are some minor updates to the default tags from the core book, but in general everything is compatible with most popular sourcebooks.
  • 42 weapons for different technological levels, from the Stone Age to the Steam Age.
  • Among these weapons there are firearms with their special mechanics.
  • 15 armors and shields for different ages, compatible with the new weapons.
  • Things are rebalanced to put more emphasis on the reasonable selection of the equipment. While a sword of a contemporary technological level is still a solid choice for generic encounters, certain situations call for more specialized weaponry.
  • Divine Sphere of Water for your Clerics and Magical School of Depths for your Wizards.
  • 8 compendiums for your characters who wish to have a job beside bashing skulls.
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