Scrubland Gaming Mat 8×4

Have you been looking for something to elevate your game experience?  “Scrubland,” a digital file featuring original artwork by Terrainify, may be just what the doctor ordered.  This image contains defined texture and a variegated landscape, creating a realistic backdrop for your battle or adventure.  Its red-grey color scheme sets the tone for a wide but nuanced range of scenarios; this isn’t a happy field where elves dilly-dally and battles are fought in the clear light of day.  It’s a flatland alongside a volcano.  An open expanse of danger on the cold Martian landscape.  Or maybe just the edge of a forest where the trees have run to bushy, scrubby undergrowth, and everything seems run-of-the-mill…..but it definitely isn’t.


-For tabletop wargames and RPGs

-Size: feet x 4 feet*

-After downloading, use this digital file to order a print from the printing service of your choice.

-Files are for personal use only. Please support a small business and fellow gamer and do not distribute files.

Thanks, and happy gaming!


*Want another size?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for this same map in twelve other sizes.  

**Want another design?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for our other gaming mat themes, including Broken Ground and Fields of Battle.

This product is priced at $2.99


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