Tales from Landhurst: Kobolds and caves

The second entry in a series on the Races and cultures of the fictional nation of Landhurst. This time we are focusing on one of the natives of the land, the Kobolds. Ripped from their original culture and traditions as a result of a grand magical war, the Kobolds of Landhurst were left leaderless and alone. The modern day Kobolds seek companionship among their own kin first and foremost, either by staying in ancient burrows, or creating new homes within the cities of Landhurst.

The Tales of Landhurst series an introductions series to a series of modules set in a steampunk inspired, intrigue filled setting, created by Samantha Olivia Norin. Explore fascinating new lands, fight for power in the grand guilds, or fight the powers that be by joining one of the many hidden societies and criminal organisations hiding in the shadows of Landhurst.

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