The Eridani Strain: A 3rd Level Aphelion’s Gate RPG Adventure

The Eridani Strain, a 3rd level adventure for Aphelion’s Gate: A Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, which introduces the Gamemaster and Players to The Galaxy of alien worlds and adventure. The Eridani Strain uses the D10 Pentra System, of which only a 10-sided die is needed to play this RPG adventure.

ExChem Corporation has lost communication with its chemical extraction facility on a desolate planet, and its rescue team has mysteriouosly crashed. They are in desperate need of someone to find out what happened at the facility … before more people die. So strap on your force screen, grab your laser pistol, concentrate on your Psi, prepare your starship for Hypershot, and blast off from Aphelion’s Gate!

The Aphelion’s Gate INTRO rules can be used to play most of this adventure, though the CORE rules are needed to enjoy this entire adventure. Other products include the introductory level adventure, The Aphelion Incident along with The Reign of Rage and The Gate of Teeth.

This product is priced at $1.95


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