Verlad’s Gauntlet – Hero Kids Solo/Co-Op One-Page Adventure

The Gauntlet is the final exam at Verlad’s Training Academy. Whether his students come out KO’d or victorious, the old wizard calculates semester grades based on the gold they are carrying when it’s over.

Use this solo/co-op adventure to join in the fun with the kids and see how you do in the Goblin Challenge.

This One-Page Adventure is simplified so players can more easily learn the scripted monster activation rules. The main differences are:

  • Rooms, Monsters and Treasures for the 6 encounters are not random.
  • All stats for the goblins you’ll face will be found here, not in other Hero Kids books.
  • Heroes can’t flee before all Monsters are KO’d.
  • Heroes can’t return to previously cleared rooms.
  • Gold is a score keeping mechanism, so players can compare their progress from game to game.
A copy of the Hero Kids Fantasy RPG and knowledge of that game’s combat rules is required to play.

This product is priced at $0.99


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