Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive

When crawling terror comes from space, only the living dead can save the Earth.

ZYBORG COMMANDO RESURRECTION OVERDRIVE is a twisted, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi horror roleplaying game. In this dark future, a invasion of giant robotic insects and their masters is only opposed by you and your comrades – undead cybersoldiers risen from the grave on a mission of vengeance.

ZCRO is Starship Troopers meeting Return of the Living Dead while chewing a piece of Bubblegum Crisis and rocking out to a soundtrack by the Misfits. It’s a war of horrors with Hollywood-style tactics and combat, but it’s equally about trust, shadows, torments, and the struggle against a never-ending Hunger. Come on – take a bite.

ZCRO is a complete RPG, featuring:

  • a new d10x skill and combat system that is simple to use, encouraging tactics and teamwork to master;
  • easy step-by-step character creation rules for 4 ZYBORG COMMANDO callsigns: the Cannibal, Ghost, Psycho, and Ripper;
  • character aspects (trust, shadows, torments, and Hunger) designed to encourage teamwork and roleplaying; 
  • quick advancement rules to boost your abilities even as your memories and humanity continue to decay;
  • a GameMaster’s chapter with detailed advice on how to run a ZCRO game, including useful ideas for almost any other RPG; 
  • sample survivors, beasts, and alien invaders with dozens of possible attacks, abilities, and weapons, plus random charts for creating your own unique extraterrestrial army; and
  • conveniently bookmarked chapters, sections, and hyperlinked page references.

Zyborg Commando fighting a giant robotic alien scorpion

From the author’s introduction:

Welcome to the unhinged fever dream that is ZYBORG COMMANDO RESURRECTION OVERDRIVE, a bizarre post-apocalyptic RPG of horror and alien invasion. Of zombie soldiers in powered hardsuits. Humanity. And inhumanity. Secrets. And just blasting the holy fuck out of some giant bugs.

I made this game because I’m intrigued by the idea of roleplaying intelligent zombie supersoldiers riding the edge of their all-devouring hunger. Are you as much a danger to the survivors as the aliens you’re fighting? Do you justify eating a few people to keep your sanity in check—if the result is the destruction of an alien base and salvation of a human community? What’s the moral calculus there? Do you reveal your undead face and chow down—or do you refuse, merely postponing the moment when the Hunger inevitably overtakes you?

Now that you’re reborn and can remember who you used to be, how does that affect you? How do you deal with the shadows hanging over you? Do you give up on who you used to be? Do you pretend to be human and hide your identity, or do you relish your new inhuman existence? What memories will you struggle to preserve even as your decaying brain loses them one by one?

Also fascinating to me is how you’ll deal with the scattered human resistance. The cyber command fireteams were touted as humanity’s last champions, but now… How do these scared survivors react when they learn what you are? Do they hate you? Fear you? Or even worse, do some want to serve you—bestowing sacrifices to assuage your hunger as if you were ancient gods?

I know, that’s a lot of questions, and I don’t really have the answers for you. Take my rotting hand and let’s explore together.

Heads Up Display portion of character sheet

Publisher’s Note:

This work parodies aspects of the Cyborg Commando RPG published in 1987 by New Infinities Productions, Inc., but contains no copyrighted material from that work and should not be implied as being an official part of any Cyborg Commando franchise.

This product is priced at $8.00


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