100 Encounters for Fantasy Plains – Supplement for Zweihander RPG

This supplement has 100 different encounters that characters could have when travelling though plains, savannahs and grasslands, those places where there is not much but flat ground, to make the journeys more interesting. These can be used to add detail and colour to a journey through a generally boring region or as a source of adventure hooks. Some are potentially useful, some are potentially hazardous and some are simply odd.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • A troop of a dozen cavalry rides past in the near distance. Unless the characters act aggressively or look suspicious, the troopers will ignore them. (The cavalry are Dragoons.)
  • A wagon stands by the side of the road with a broken wheel. The driver is currently repairing the wheel whilst their horse crops the grass. They will appreciate any help, though only have some fresh fruit from the wagon to pay with. (If the characters want to provide aid, they can do so with a (Routine +10%) Tradecraft Test. The reward is a crate of assorted fruits.)
  • A well-kept house surrounded by a small garden that is enclosed in a fence sits in the middle of the plain. There is no path to the house, nor any nearby settlements. The house, if entered, is in perfect shape, but appears totally unoccupied. It contains food for several days. (The equivalent of 1d10+1 days of rations can be found.)
  • A wooden fence has been erected in a square, measuring 30′ on each side. The fence lacks a gate and the area inside the fence appears identical (an (Easy +20%) Awareness Test) to the area outside it.
  • A wooden palisade stands on a small berm of earth with a ditch in front of it. This appears to be a small fort, but the gate is smashed and the palisade has been breached in several places. Inside, the buildings are falling to ruin and a few old bones can be found (in 1d5+1 minutes of searching).

Two pages are the front and rear covers and most of one page is ads.

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