100 Pulp Era Rumours to Hear

This collection of rumours that characters could hear covers the pulp era of the 1920s and 1930s. The rumours cover a range of types, from lost civilisations and forgotten cities, to experimental technology and weird science, to the occult and the paranormal. Some are given specific locations, but most are not and can easily be dropped in anywhere. The rumours can be used as background flavour, misinformation or sources of potential adventure hooks. Whether or not a specific rumour is true is up to the GameMaster.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Explorer Adam Westing has returned from an expedition to the island of Polynesia, along with a strange individual. The individual, who is not much more than 3′ tall, appears generally human though with some differences. He has naturally sharp teeth it seems, rather than ones that have been sharpened, and Westing says that the individual is a new subspecies of humanity. Westing’s claims have been disputed in the past and it’s thought by most experts that the individual is merely someone very short and that this is some sort of con.
  • Explorers who have recently returned from the African jungle brought with them a young woman who appears to be the now-adult child of a couple who disappeared in the jungle close to two decades ago. The woman seems to have been raised by a remote tribe who have had very little contact with civilisation, and is proving to be a fascinating item to London’s set, as she is unlike anyone they have ever encountered before.
  • Famed author Abraham Sikes has disappeared. Mr Sikes, who is known for his extensive research into the topics he writes about, vanished during some of this research. Though he writes fiction, his books are always based on factual events or legends of such. Sikes’s publisher stated that the author was doing research into various curious cults that exist around the world.
  • Famous explorer Tobias Brunt has apparently disappeared whilst on an expedition deep into the Himalayan wilderness. Brunt was following up on a belief of his that there were strange ruins located within the wilderness, as reported in myth and legend by locals who live in the region. He launched his expedition despite warnings from those locals that the area he was planning to visit was cursed. Brunt and the other members of his expedition have not been seen since.
  • For years, there have been rumours of some sort of sea monster living in the depths of Lake Michigan, similar to those rumoured to live in other lakes around the world. Explorer, naturalist and adventurer Mark Thomas is determined to catch this monster on film, and has developed a new camera that he claims will both work underwater and can be attached to a small submarine that will be controlled from the surface.

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