CORE, Rules, Guides and Worlds

This material was posted on patreon by GMD Online

I was worried that:

  • Rules would be incomplete
  • Rules would not have artwork
  • Rules would be scattered throughout posts all over patreon.

Then it came to me… Why not put them into a PDF and just update the PDF when the rules have had an update!
The benefits:

  • Rules are all in one document
  • no scrolling through hundreds of posts
  • Access to rules Months before kickstarter release

What wil be added like this?

  • Guides
  • CORE Worlds
  • Perks
  • Encounters
  • New CORE rules
  • Races

Each will be created separately as individual books.
To make managing them even easier, links will be added to web portal and monthly newsletter!
Please be aware new books will be pure text no images. You will see the books journey.
What do you think?


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