‘Cos I’m Harpy

'Cos I'm Harpy Title

Adventuring is hard work! Might be time for the party to relax and enjoy the country side at a nearby farm.

“Ahhh, breathe in that fresh air! This break is going to be exactly what we need to recharge our weary souls… Nothing crazy ever happens on a farm, right?”

Looking for a way to break up your campaign from non-stop adventuring? Have your party take some time off in the country to work on a fruit farm. The area is completely neutral and can be inserted into any current campaign. Or simply let it be run as a one off adventure. The farm can also be used as a returning point for the party, each encounter can be played in any order and at any time.

‘COS I’M HARPY is a standalone adventure optimised for 5 players, levels 8-10.

Contents include:

  • 43 pages of adventure notes, guides, illustrations and maps.
  • A simple optimisation technique included to allow adjustments depending on party strength.
  • Simple yet in-depth background of the area and farm owners.
  • History notes for two creatures found in the area.
  • 6 provided adventure hooks, and it’s easy to add your own!
  • 20 pre-encounter hooks.
  • Mood and atmosphere notes provide ambience.
  • 8 farm locations and 2 offsite locations for varied scenarios.
  • 3 types of encounters: busy work, reactionary, and combat.
  • Peaceful solutions allow for non-combative roleplay.
  • A playable race, the Harpyia, is included.
  • Multiple NPC stats.
  • 13 maps that include 1 area map and 12 battle-maps.

This is a adventure was written as part of the November 2020 RPG Writer Workshop.

Themes: Farm life, harpy encounters, underground, open areas, alchohol consumption, possible abductions, fantasy/RPG based combat.

  • 20201130 – Initial Release.
  • Twitter: @EAllwatcher
  • Instagram: @emrik_allwatcher
  • RPG Writer Workshop – November 2020

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