Genesys Vehicle Companion

Welcome to the Genesys Vehicle Companion! This suppliment takes a deep dive into making vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and tech levels for your Genesys games!

This suppliment takes the rules and suggestions from both the Genesys Core Rulebook and the Expanded Player’s Guide and expands upon them and does a deeper dive into the minutia of making vehicles than either book does alone.

In it I go over the various types of vehicles from boats to carriages to starships and beyond! The details and intricacies of choosing silhouette, HTT/SST, and more. There are two examples of building vehicles: one silhouette 3 battle mecha and one silhouette 6 combat frigate. Included in this suppliment is expanded suggestions and guidelines for creating vehicular weapons as well!

The Genesys Vehicle Companion does for vehicles what the Equipment Guide does for gear and Archetypal Species does for creating your own archetypes!

Genesys Core Rulebook, Expanded Player’s Guide and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product.

This product is priced at $4.99


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