Hope Cross Village

“First there was that storm. Old Gorby says he ain’t never seen such a fuss kicked up, and he’s near a hundred years old. So many lightning strikes, trees burning in the woods for days. If it hadn’t been for all the rain that came, sure there’d be no Hope Cross left today.”

 “Then the sheep ran off, and that’s ain’t supposed to even be possible, what with the Witchwoman’s charm at the Shearing Shed.”

 “Then that… stranger came to town. Said he was looking for something in the darkness. Came at full noon, he did. Probably mad. No one was unhappy to see him leave.”

 “And now Adam Shepherd is missing.”

Hope Cross Village is an adventure suitable for characters levels 1-3. The adventure is set in the Rosewood Highlands and is tthe follow up to The Storm’s Impending Rage in the Upon the Face of the Deep campaign.

NOTE: Hope Cross Village has been added to the Everything 2020 Bundle at a special price – as a thank you to all bundle purchasers (if you have previously purchased the Everything Bundle, Hope Cross Village will only cost you a dime)

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