Magnatrench: Night of the Deadsurge!

When using undead creatures, and zombies in particular, it always felt as if these creatures were missing the feeling of perpetual threats. Typically, when the creatures and dealt with that threat is over. A concept that was missing is the focus of reanimation. Instread of the threat bearing how difficult these creatures are to finally defeat, it is shifted here to focus more on their reanimation and their recurring threat.


The party has been hired to investigate the Magnatrench Mines, a recently rediscovered location that isn’t on any records. Get in, get out: it’s as simple as surviving.

  • Characters arrive at the Magnatrench.
  • Characters need to descend into the cavern to get in the mine since the guildhall entrance has collapsed.
  • From the central bridge, characters choose to enter the guildhall or the mine first.
  • In the mine is a magically sealed door.

Adventure Hook

A group of outsiders are hired to explore a newly rediscovered mine that nobody knows about or has records of aside from some vague coordinates in a journal.

  • What researcher or history buff wouldn’t want to be the first people to get their hands on a mine that time forgot?
  • Entertainers can get a great story out of this adventure, and that means more coin for their vices.
  • The obvious reason for any criminal or selfish person to investigate would be the untouched loot just waiting to be claimed.

Included in this Adventure

  • A 16 page adventure for a 5th level group
  • Setting-neutral location for any campaign
  • Altered map from the famous Dyson Logos
  • New custom creatures and adventuring gear
  • Creature statblocks, tactics, and descriptions
  • Suggestions for altering the adventure to better suit party dynamics

This product is priced at $4.95


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