Order of The Blue Flowers

In a small village in the Protectorate of Blandenberg, news arrives that contact with the nearby abbey has been lost.  The abbey of The Order of The Blue Flowers houses some strange inhabitants, and they are currently under attack by a force of magical constructs whose makers accuse the abbey monks of being undead abominations.

The party that takes up this task must find out who is attacking the inhabitants of the abbey and decide how to address the conflict. Are the attackers justified in their aggression?  Are the monks really undead?  Is something more mysterious than a simple undead infestation at play here?

Three to five characters of third level are optimal for this one-off adventure.

This is a 5th Edition D&D adventure set in The World of Avlis campaign setting, but may be used as a drop-in for any fantasy medieval campaign setting.

Author: RP Davis

Editor: Liz Evans-Gist

Artists: Nathanael Roux, Mark Smylie, William McAusland, David Zajac, Bruno Balixa

Cartographers: H Sousa, Michael LaBossiere, Maciej Zaborski

The World of Avlis is developed by Josh Simon.

This product is priced at $1.95


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