Remnants of the Unburied Army

:lang=”en-gb”>Well the purpose of this product is to provide you, DMs and GMs some challenging skeletons and various undead that you can throw in the way of your players during a dark, grim or undead-themed adventure.

:lang=”en-gb”>Note that my goal is also providing materials for challenging but fair encounters. So if the players start to think outside of the box, or if the characters do the necessary preparations before hunting these monsters they can survive or even best these enemies.



:lang=”en-gb”>This product contains the following monsters: the Dark Acolyte, the Bonebat, the Damned Executioner, the Dark Seer, the Novice Necromancer, the Restless Warrior, the Skeletal Legionary, the Skeleton Archer, the Skeleton Reaver, the Venomous Skeleton, the Shambling Skeleton, and the Skeleton Warrior.

:lang=”en-gb”>Combine them together in various ways and throw some interesting and challenging undead-theamed encounter to your players next time they come across a necromancer or priest of death.

This product is priced at $1.00


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