Ripper Fhatagn (An Adventure Supplement for the Jack Hack)

Cold Steel, and Colder heart. A reign of Terror is about to begin that will test the hearts and souls of all fellows, be they foul or fair.

Welcome to Ripper Fhatagn

This game requires a copy of The Jack Hack 2nd edition rules to play.

The Jack Hack  2nd Edition is a game of beating the odds in the depravity of late Victorian London. Its focus is on the Whitechapel area around the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Where The Jack Hack found the mundane to be vile and terrifying, the publication can set a more Dreadful tone. This publication touches on some mental health issues and aspects of sanity.

This book adds a supernatural element to The Jack Hack: Areas such as classic gothic of Poe, Victorian Spiritualism. M R James, William Hope Hodgson, and the terrible fear of the unknown throughout Lovecrafts’ work. Much of this horror is too difficult to combat martially so the PCs will need their wits and guile to overcome what lies within. Neither physical nor mental wounds heal well in the hospitals and asylums of London at this time. Some entities will have ‘stats’ so the PCs could stab them in the back or kosh them on the head and scarper. Or they could just run, hide and then curl up in a ball and sob.

Some of this material previously appeared in the Penny Black supplement. 

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