Sommerset Village 40×30 Battlemap

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Scouts have returned to the village with foreboding news. During their last patrol along the forest road they came across a ravaged elven merchant’s cart, two bodies where found, one wearing fine silken clothes and the other studded leather. In each of their bodies the scouts found several crude arrows, perhaps even poisoned. Any jewelry they were wearing must have been taken as well as any edible goods the merchant may have been carrying on the cart, including all of the bottles of a highly addictive red liquid that didn’t get smashed.

Strangely enough however, many of the other goods were not taken, high quality silks and wooden carvings all remained by the cart. This has been an escalation in attacks made against the village of sommerset by what the guard believe to be a warren of goblins. The mayor stands resolute in the belief these dirty creatures would never attack the village but the village guard captain isn’t so sure. He’s enlisted your help to track down the warren and hopefully end them before they become more of an issue.

If you choose to go after the warren, you find it in a small cavern in the cliff side some miles away from the village. Multiple goblin bodies are lifeless on the floor and only one living goblin seem to be nuzzling at a glass bottle which contains a red liquid, it’s eyes completely bloodshot. When spotted you are attacked, while the goblin yells about you not taking it’s precious.

After dispatching this goblin, it dawns on you there are not nearly enough goblins here to have been causing so many problems for sommerset, so you set off toward the village. When you arrive it’s already to late, the village has come under attack by the rest of the warren of goblins and they’re flooding the streets and hunting through the homes of the elves.

What’s going on? After the goblins ambushed the last elven caravan they came across one of the elves favorite but highly addictive drinks, a red liquid that normally create a feeling of complete serenity. However due to differences in biology this drink seems to have make the goblins extra aggressive and in combination with it’s addictive properties caused them to turn on each other until it was all gone and the only place to get more was the elven town itself.

Rotworm Village

Nocturnus Village

Elven Village

Winter’s Edge Village


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