Storm Realm of Giants (Part 03) – Map Pack

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Here’s the third and final part.

“Storm Giants were known to be seers beyond the reaches of the flat land. They make their abodes in high places one cannot easily reach and find comfort in seeing the world from a broader perspective. Other races never had a conflict of this proportion with the solitude-loving Giants before… yet, here we stand amongst their treacherous caverns, surrounded by electrically-charged Storm Giants rampaging about in their absolute ecstasy. How come their disposition had changed with the passing of the moon? The only connection is the rise of this new and all-powerful Storm King; one who prefers abundance over solitude and one with an uncharacteristically narrow view of the world.

We must tread higher and stop him at all costs! The caverns are dim and the Storm Giants in a frenzy, mercilessly slaying even those of their own kind. And the humans, elves, dwarves, all cattle to the slaughter, awaiting their deaths while imprisoned.

After hours of sneaking around, finally we reach the notorious Thunder Peak. A storm rages and at the very peak a large violet crystal absorbs lightning bolts. We stand witness to a menacing Storm Giant easily 30 feet tall. This must be the Storm King! He wears a black leather cape draped in blood and touches the crystal with both of his hands to channel the power inside. His greenish tone turns to a violet glow, and a serious frown turns to a menacing grin. We have snuck in successfully and no doubt have we just witnessed the origin of this new Storm King’s power… we must now ready ourselves and attempt to silence this king before he ends us all.”


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