The Compendium of Lost, Forgotten, or Discarded Magic Items Volume 1 – A Hodgepodge

A collection of 22 low-level magic items that add fun and flavor but won’t break your game.

Players love to get magic items, but how can you give them out without damaging the balance of the game? It’s not always about how many +’s the item has, sometimes it’s about the story. None of the 22 magic items in this collection have the kind of power to break the game, but they do provide the seeds of wonder to make your game. From interesting drawbacks and flaws that force characters to make a choice, to backstories to build upon and create interest for your players to want to know more.

Sprinkle these in your campaign to reward your players and see what they can do with them. It will add to the fun and excitement of your adventures. More story and less rolling on random item tables.

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