The Great Game (An adventure supplement for the Jack Hack)

A revealing photograph, a misplaced telegram, a forgotten love-letter, a stick of dynamite ….all equally powerful weapons in the hands of the wrong people.

Welcome to The Great Game

This game requires a copy of The Jack Hack 2nd Edition rules to play.

The Jack Hack is a game of beating the odds in the depravity of late Victorian London. It has particular focus on the Whitechapel area around the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. Where The Jack Hack has a theme of deep depravity and survival, The Great Game adds in political intrigue as a motivating theme. Bribery, corruption, espionage, perjury, sabotage, and terrorism are all thrown into the mix.


Historically, the Great Game was a confrontation between Russia and Great Britain for control of certain areas of the Indian Sub-Continent. Lasting for most of the 19th century, in the setting of The Jack Hack, these machinations have extended all of the way from Moscow and central Asia into London itself and surrounding areas as the Great Powers of Europe, and beyond, jostle for dominance, all the while being threatened by the newly empowered masses, in the form of anarchy, liberty, and suffrage.

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