The Monster Within the Cave

This is the PDF product. This book is the first of a series called Misfortunes and Misunderstandings. It can be played as a one-shot or as a part of the campaing. This book contains an adventure that happens in the Swoard Coast, at Waterdeep. When a paladin enters the Yawning Portal bloodied and with a scared expression on his face, saying that a creature diferent from everything that he have seen has shown up on the Sword Mountains, Volothamp Geddarm looks at the situation as an opportunity to discovery and hires your group of adventurers to protect him on the journey. What kind of monster could have hurt a strong paladin of the Order of the Gauntlet? What mysteries lays on the Sword Mountains?

With five new monsters Statblocks, two of them being unique creatures; Three magic items and a whole cave map to explore, you sure will find out what the mountain has reserved for you!

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