The Rogue-Like

The Rogue-Like
A new subclass for Rogue that is…. frankly an open joke. Designed around the style of video games of the same name, this subclass is guaranteed to be unbalanced for normal campaigns… but hopefully very humorous. 

Along with the subclass itself (and its many Death Boons) is a Rogue-like Campaign ruleset. A quick suggestion for getting this subclass onto your table or even just enjoying D&D in a fairly punishing way.

Other Works from Taka SK:

Age of Smoke and Fire – A collection of Gunpowder based subclasses

Sorcerer Revision: Bloodline Spells – A rule supplement for Sorcerer

The Regiment of Insanity – A sprawling text full of subclasses, races, and even some racial feats. It contains the two products below, which are still available seperately:

– The Summoner – A Warlock Subclass focused on bringing forth powerful reflections of mighty creatures. 

– Sigil Soldier – A complete class themed around using arcane sigils to empower their martial combat. 

The Revelations of the Ice Dawn – A spell conversion of spells from 3.5 to 5e, orignially released in Dragon Magazine. 

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