The World of The Wheel of Time

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills”

On January 15th, 1990 Robert Jordan published the fist The Wheel of Time book, They Eye of the World.  The series spans 15 books, each a large novel themselves spanning an average of 1,000 pages per book.  In 2007 Robert Jordan passed away and left extensive notes for another author, Brandon Sanderson, to finish the series with 3 final books.

As a huge fan of the series, I have taken features and plot points from The Wheel of Time and added them into my regular D&D Campaign.  Now, I have taken it one step further and written this document so the small fandom that also enjoys D&D and this book series may merge the two together as I have.

This document explains and details base concepts of the series’ universe, such as The Great Wheel, The Pattern, magic and how it differs from D&D and more, and merges them with the current D&D cosmology and world for (hopefully) easy and seamless integration.

The core idea of this document is to trip up the ever prevalent ‘know it all’ players, and bring a fresh take of a D&D universe to the experienced party of players.  With this, no player will be able to guess your next step in the cosmology and adventure, as time, fate, and magic itself doesn’t work in the way they are used to.

Another writing goal of mine with this document is to bring more awareness to this great series of books.  As it was written so long ago, its notoriety is dying out.  The lack of any media attention, like a move, tv series (apparently in production but no information has been announced) or other notoriety hasn’t helped.  I highly recommend these books to and D&D fan, as they read like a great D&D adventure with a large cast of memorable characters and easy to read writing style.

Purchase of this document includes a normal DM’s guild style PDF, and a printer friendly version.

There are no spoilers to the plot of the books in this document.  And certain changes have been made to make complex elements easier to use and digest for DM’s and players.  I very much appreciate any reviews or notes to be added to this document.  Thank you!

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