Unsettled Ground

The ruins of Castle Hermitage are shrouded in mystery after the disappearance of Lord Soulis Hermitage some 50 years ago.
In the time since, the thriving village of Bellshall has grown a reputation for its market and specifically for the gemstones that can be bought there.
Unfortunately for the people of Bellshall that supply of gemstones is at risk.
Something is watching the Deep Gnomes who live and work in the mine. Soon it will need to feed.
Are there any heroes who can help defeat this horrible menace, save the Deep Gnomes, and the village’s prosperity?


  • A 4 to 6-hour adventure for four 4th level characters. With scaling information for other levels.
  • A new CR3 monster, the Ettercap Host.
  • Print friendly version.
  • Accessible version.
  • Separate GM & player map images for VTT use (Gridded and Gridless).

Created as part of the RPG Writer Workshop November 2020

RPG Writer Workshop Fall 2020

This product is priced at $3.95


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