Child-God of the Violet Temple: Expanded Edition

Nestled amid the round-topped dunes of the Endless Desert lies ancient Ahlamabad, the City of Wonders, the Jeweled Throne of Heaven. You are a thief – one of the best in the ranks of the Zhentarim – and you’ve been invited to prove yourself by attempting one of the most important and dangerous missions yet attempted by the shadowy cabal.

Your team’s objective: to kidnap an infant child from the depths of the Violet Temple, seat of power for the tyrannical Church of Uzzal. But blindly forcing your way into the church’s most fortified keep will only result in your death or worse – lethal guards, weird beasts, unusual traps, and undead sentinels all await in the temple’s hallways, not to mention the plague that’s rumored to infest the poor souls who dwell within.

To succeed in your missions, preparation is crucial – explore the city’s many colorful districts, question the fascinating locals, and pursue detailed side quests to learn the temple’s secrets and ready yourself against them. But be quick about it: you have one week to produce the child, or you risk becoming the Zhentarim’s next target.


CHILD-GOD OF THE VIOLET TEMPLE: EXPANDED EDITION contains the full, updated content of this Arabian Nights-style urban heist adventure, along with extensive character customization options originally featured in KNIGHTS & KNAVES OF AHLAMABAD and THE BOOK OF KNIVES. For 3-5 players of level 5 or higher. Approximate play time: four 3-hour sessions. 


Features include:

Sourcebook-style content on the desert city of Ahlamabad, complete with maps and extensive information on key residents, factions, loot and locales critical to the success of your party’s mission.

Fully detailed side quests, perfect for playing out in a single evening – including a trip into the Trapmaker’s lair and the infiltration of a revolutionary group’s desert compound.

Five brand new mind-bending traps and puzzles.

A 17-page guide to the Violet Temple itself – a three-story dungeon complete with mummy-infested catacombs, imprisoned efreeti, torture chambers, puzzle traps, and more.

Playable race: The ANK’HABUT. Humanoid spiders who have been subtly weaving their webs of power for centuries, guiding the destiny of the city from the shadows.

Fighter Sub-class: The FURII. Provides manuevers for horse-mounted combat – like a fusion of the Cavalier and Battle Master builds!


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