The Vampire Factory of Mad Baron Petrifax: Expanded Edition

One night in Midharvest, the lights came on in the old manse on top of Chesu’s Peak. 

It happens maybe once a generation – someone hears the tales of what the Mad Baron had attempted a century ago, and they set out to follow in his footsteps, making camp in his ancestral home, using the old madman’s tools and tomes to continue his profane works.

But this time is different. This time, the town is dying. You are the best of what’s left of Guntherstadt: a pack of neophyte adventurers, few of whom have ever seen real fighting before, most of whom have never even ventured beyond the borders of the village. But you’ve banded together to scale Chesu’s Peak and stop whoever is insane enough to attempt to restore…the Vampire Factory of Mad Baron Petrifax.


THE VAMPIRE FACTORY OF MAD BARON PETRIFAX: EXPANDED EDITION contains the full, updated content of this gothic horror-themed adventure for newcomers to D&D, along with extensive character customization options originally featured in KNIGHTS & KNAVES OF THE MITTELGARDE and THE BOOK OF KNIVES. For up to 10 level 1 players.

This tutorial-style campaign is designed especially to help DMs of any experience level to introduce new players to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. The game introduces game concepts organically as the party encounters them to help avoid rulebook overload. It features:

  • Tips, tricks, and even complete scripts to help DMs explain important game concepts to new players.
  • A dungeon crawl that’s straightforward enough for new players, but with a rich storyline that rewards exploring, role playing, and digging into the lore of the setting.
  • Printable cheat sheets to help players learn combat.
  • Puzzles, death traps, giant spiders, and an underground vampire-spawning facility, all in a classic haunted house setting.
  • Playable race: The VAMPYRHEXEN. A race of witches descended from vampires who, once a day, can project their soul into the world in the form of a cat or crow familiar.
  • Cleric sub-class: The CHAOS CLERIC. An atheistic zealot build that incorporates wild magic elements!
  • A slew of new magic items, including the Breastplate of Helm and Surat’s Tears.

This product is priced at $4.99


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