100 Mutant Boss Lair Finds

100 Mutant Boss Lair Finds
This list contains 100 different things that you might find in a lair located in the middle of a mutated apocalyptic wasteland. Some things are expected, others not so much. Many things are useful while others are trivial or merely worth throwing into a trade barter. A few things are even alive while most are not.

Sample Rolls:
19    1d4+2 department store mannequins all dolled up
36    1d8 tiny fanged grubs crawling around in a jar of rusty looking dirt
60    Hand cranked air raid siren
71    Nasty smelling crusty stock pot with lid and metal ladle
83    Scrawled out building plans for a trebuchet
98    Welding helmet decorated with metal spikes and studs

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