Brigands of Borgaby

Originally written i swedish, “Borgar & Banditer” was only intended to be played amongst friends during our yearly yuletide games con.
It started out as a diorama idé, a dungeon room seen from the side, like a dollhouse. I quickly realized that this needed to become a game, what now is Brigands of Borgaby (basic) was written during a single lunch break.
I attached strong magnets in the back of each dungeon room, so they could be mounted and moved around on a steel plate that we kept upright with a small artist’s easel.
The premise is that a game leader plans out a dungeon, either by drawing on a piece of paper or actually laying out the complete dungeon with all model rooms and taking a picture as a reference. The game leader then tears down the layout and reveals the first room for the players. The game leader also notes where the three hidden treasures are located. The players then move from room to room, delving deeper while torches run out. Players act in any order, until all characters have taken an action. When taking an action generally you would roll three dice and compare eah with your character trait, for every result of a one a torch is snuffed. You can kick down doors and move on in this game, you have to successfully explore an opening before moving through it, requiring a roll of the dice. Players will quickly find that cooperation and acting in the correct order is key. Monsters act immediately after each character has acted, attacking the character that just acted.
The game is mainly an excuse to place tiny miniatures in a fitting milieu and chuckle at their grim fates. No player ever seemed to voluntarily exit the dungeon before finding all the hidden treasures.
In its native language the game is written with a retro flair, aiming for something like the OSR trend we see in rpg’s today. This might however be lost in translation. But it’s simplistic nature and lightheartedness approach will hopefully come across.
I photographed all miniature components so that they can be printed on glossy paper and glued to cardstock. While this doesn’t even come close to delivering the same atmosphere as playing with actual miniatures this was the only way I could think of to share some of the fun we have playing Brigands of Borgaby.

This edition includes (separate printabel pdf’s)

  • The rules booklet with a separate cover, 42 pages in A5, meant to be printed as a booklet with folded A4 sheets.
  • All cards needed for games without a game master.
  • Reference cards for characters and monsters.
  • Torches and hourglass micro cards.
  • Campaign and game sheets.
  • Dungeon rooms, doors, characters and monsters.
  • The first issue of “The Portculli Peddler”, the Brigands of Borgaby’s very own gazetteer.
  • The font Blackwood castle used in the pdf’s.

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