You need a haunted house for your script, but you haven’t prepared anything? You need a starting idea to create an adventure? You want to find a source of inspiration or a new idea to launch your campaign? This list is made for you!

100 WEIRD HOUSES AND OTHER SPOOKY PLACES contains 100 short descriptions of haunted houses and other weird places to use in your games based on modern settings. Each result consists of a house or place name, a real US city where the house is located and a brief description of what makes this house weird.

Examples of outcomes:

22. RIVERSIDE’S LAKE (Riverside, Idaho) – The members of a cripple has been found in the middle of a pentacle of blood.
32. ASHLAND’S RIVER (Ashland, Pennsylvania) – The dead body of a compassionate potter has been found , the body engraved with symbols.
87. TRUJILLO’S PALAZZO (Arnold, Pennsylvania) – A fishmonger was stunned by an unnatural skeleton.

100 WEIRD HOUSES AND OTHER SPOOKY PLACES a generic volume to support role-playing games with a modern background (Call of Cthulu, Kids on bikes…).

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