Hippocampus Prince

The secret fey war against humanity has a new beachhead. Something had always protected the Sunny Groves suburb from the Unseelie, but now that mystic barrier is broken and the bodies are piling up. 

A stand alone sequel to Hymlocke Grove, winner of the 2020 Tiny Trove Community Content contest, Hippocampus Prince gives you 30 pages of:

  • Random Fey Weapons: Roll up a shotgun that whispers to you and turns corpses into trees
  • New Traits: Bureaucracy and Lockpicking
  • New fey opponents (or maybe allies)
  • Tower Shop Mall: Discover store after store to populate your run-down shopping center or a strip mall.
  • Pre-seeded clues to fix the magic barrier and find a fey killer

If you ever wanted to take a dive into Howard Tayler’s whismical and terrifying ubran fantasy, Prince is a great springboard to get your campaign soaring!

Requires Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition

And if you want more Tiny Dungeon goodness, check out Hymlocke Grove or get both in a money saving bundle!

“It’s a fantastic piece of work. It’s clever, delightful and fun. It’s so great (and he used a micro-setting that we rarely see get used!)” –  Alan Bahr, lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games

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This product is priced at $3.00


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