That’s the official story, anyway. In reality, paladin of magic Valindra Vahana created arcane imps to help defend the village, but they’re out of control. Too ashamed to admit she made them, and horrified that they’re destroying the village, Valindra needs adventurers to help her fix her mistakes. But can they figure out the truth before the situation gets worse? 

This adventure is setting-neutral and includes advice on how to fit it into your campaign. Written as part of the Fall 2020 RPG Writer Workshop.

This is a 3-4 hour adventure for 4 characters of 3rd Level.

This product includes:

  • “Oathbreaker”, the complete adventure with flowchart and art
  • “Oathbreaker”, a printer-friendly simplified and accessible document
  • A new subclass for paladins, the “Oath of Magic”
  • 3 maps of Willowbark and Valindra’s Cabin
  • 3 new magical items
  • A statblock for customising your own arcane imps

This product is priced at $2.94


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