Tiny Legacies: Adventure, Inc.

The World’s Greatest Heroes… Are Looking for Replacements!

Imagine a new hero recruited to join the training program of the greatest group of heroes the world has ever known. What excitement! What thrills! What… overwhelming pressure! But even the greatest heroes can’t fight the good fight forever, and the time to pass the baton comes sooner or later. That time is now, and that hero is yours.

Adventure, Inc. is all about this type of campaign. As a supplement for the Tiny Legacies imprint, which is itself a series of sourcebooks for the Tiny Supers Role-Playing Game published by Gallant Knight Games, it delves into how to take this idea and make it your own. Through fiction, it examines the concepts of recruitment and how to incorporate wildly different heroes into the same campaign. The campaign framework at the end discusses how to structure such a campaign and offers an entirely new mechanic: Team Traits!

The world needs heroes. Are you up for the job?

Requires the Tiny Supers Role-Playing Game. Features extensive amounts of fiction!

This product is priced at $4.99


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