Deviletarium – a Zgrozy supplement


Deviletarium is an independent supplement for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.  Inside you’ll find:
  • A description of an Outsider – a cosmic explorer that tours between the worlds encased in his exoskeleton
  • A description of an Immortal – a cursed being that was reborn due to the machinations of mysterious, nightmarish creatures
  • A description of an Outcast – Atlach-Nacha’s wayward daughter, ready to hunt weak-willed mortals.
By buying this supplement, you get three different versions – a high-quality one, a low-quality one, and a black and white “printer-friendly” one without most of the graphics.
Deviletarium is a part of the Zgrozy line. To find out more visit our Facebook page (/ZgrozyEN) or see our other English releases. “Zgrozy” is a slightly archaic Polish word for “Horrors” or “Terrors.” Following advice from English-speaking Cthulhu fans, we decided to keep the original title for foreign releases since it sounds suitably unspeakable and blasphemous to non-Polish ears.