Mouldering Gramrye of Mythos Spells

This book is designed to enhance the storytelling of Call of Cthulhu by describing, in detail, how spells are cast.  Make casting a spell a part of the story rather than just a player saying “I cast the spell.”  Some spells may take a whole gaming session to cast, enhancing player immersion in your game.

Many of these spells are a miniature scenario.  If you need a short story for a single sesion where Insane Cultists or Hapless Investigators foolishly gather the ingredients and conduct a ritual, then these will fill that role.

 A large portion of the spells in the Call of Cthulhu rule book are covered, and some new spells are included.

 Additionally, at the end of the book are new rules for the reading of Tomes.  These include insanities specific to the study of books, and, rules about the foolishness of employing a translator to read things that Man was not Meant to Know.

This product is priced at $4.99


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