Errant Keep

The Errant Keep is a 7 floor castle/keep (including basement) made primarily for use with Foundry VTT, which is capable of running larger maps than systems like Roll20.  I found that I personally like to have larger maps for PCs to engage at distances or plan out tactics and thought others may feel the same.

Includes maps at 70×70 squares and 128 pixels per square, jpg, no grids.  These maps are in excess of 10MB.

Also included cropped lower resolution versions that are 56×56 squares, 96 pixels per square, jpg, no grids.  These maps are LESS THAN 10MB each.

Because I plan these for use with Virtual Table Tops, lighting is turned off – it is assumed it is handled on the VTT side.

The floors include the following:

Basement – dungeon

1st floor – stables, guard barracks, audience chamber, storage, and guard’s mess hall.

2nd floor is master dining hall, master bedroom, kitchen, servant’s quarters.

3rd floor is guest chambers

4th floor is library and additional guest/resident chambers

5th floor is bath room and additional guest/resident chambers

6th floor is the very top of towers

This product is priced at $3.75


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