Release the GoS 7! (Character Set) (Free)

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The Character Set goes like this:

  • Free: Giant Crab (front view)
  • Tier 1: Giant Crab (with back and front view)
  • Tier 2: Giant Crab and Giant Lizard (with back and front view)
  • Tier 3+: Giant Crab, Giant Lizard and Marilith (with back and front view)

The next posts will be addressed to each one of the tiers (which you can check on the right side of this page), so if you’re on a specific tier, you’ll have access to privileged content according to that tier.

⭐ Also, each post will include the corresponding Tokens for Virtual Tabletop platforms.

Remember that cutfiles for this Character Set will be released the next week.

Thanks for your support and take care! 🧙‍♂️


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