100 Encounters for a Dubious Starport

This is a list of 100 different encounters characters can have or see at a starport. The starport in question is most likely to be one of the less salubrious ones. On the borderlands, located on sparsely inhabited planets or ones with poor reputations. The kind of ports where the ships are inadequately maintained and ask few questions about cargoes, local law enforcement is non-existent or corrupt and everyone is likely armed. These encounters can be used to flesh out such a port or be used as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results:

  • An emergency vehicle howls past, heading for a distant part of the port.
  • An explosion is heard coming from the far side of the port, and bits of debris rain down over a wide area. Where the explosion came from, a badly-damaged freighter is now on fire.
  • An individual in expensive, yet tacky, clothing is leaving a ship, accompanied by two huge, armed people who would appear to be bodyguards.
  • An unidentifiable and corroded lump of machinery is decaying by the side of a pad.
  • At one edge of the port a laser cannon in a pit suddenly fires several test shots.

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